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Pon - Caroline Kiszer - Manager Corporate Communications

'Bacolet Translations support us with fast, personal service and a good product. At Bacolet, quality is important and they are proactive in helping us to continually improve our translations.' website

Municipality of Apeldoorn - Carel Meurs - Chief of Cabinet

'Bacolet Translations never let you down. I commend them for their fast service, personal approach, and ability to deliver a translation that connects to the image of your company' website

Accor Hotels - Marja van der Stelt - Marketing Manager

'Our cooperation is very agreeable. When we send a text for translation to Bacolet, it comes back in no time. Bacolet Translations always manage to hit the right note, and they are very accurate.' website

Soroptimist International of Europe - Jenifer Beles - Executive Director

'It is a pleasure working with Bacolet Translations. They understand that it is important to deliver efficient, dependable work. We highly recommend Bacolet Translations to any organization. The translations are good, professional, and always on time. And that really makes our daily tasks much easier.' website

Pelikan - Erik Andriessen - European Product Manager Hardcopy

'Bacolet have been looking after our translations for more than six years, and we’re extremely satisfied with their services. They’re fast, good, and offer a big range of language services.' website

Van Wijhe Verf - Marlies van Wijhe - CEO

'If we quickly need a letter translated in a language we don’t do here in the office, Bacolet is always there for us. You can count on them for fast service, which is so important in our business. That prompt service really is the strength of Bacolet Translations. And it’s why we feel safe entrusting large orders to them for which we may have the expertise ourselves, but which are often too big to fit in with our daily, hectic schedule.' website

Countus accountants + adviseurs - Herma Brinkhuis - Senior tax advisor

'Courteous and prompt' - that’s our translation of doing business with Bacolet.' website

Restaurant t Pestengasthuys - Paul Stegeman en Sonja Kloppers - Chef and hostess

'Bacolet Translations understands your needs. And that’s important when you want creative menus translated. We value their personal service and the quality end product. We’re very pleased that we can always rely on the services of Bacolet Translations.' website

VIA Design Advertising, Concepts & Design - Jan Machiela - Communicologist

'Whenever we have an “urgency” Bacolet stay calm and act swiftly. Empathy and feedback have become a pleasant routine. And the social buzz keeps the work interesting and fun!' website

Duret de Kroon Notarissen

'Bacolet work fast and efficiently. The translations are always ready on time, and you know you can expect quality. They communicate easily and it’s always a pleasure doing business with them.'