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The translation family

Mariet Verhoef-Cohen is the translator

Mariet has a long and broad experience as a commercial translator for a range of industries and multinational corporations in her native the Netherlands, as well as in Belgium (Xerox, Hercules), and the UK (Discovery Channel). In 1992 she created her own commercial translation agency Eurotranslations in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Now operating as Bacolet Translations BV, the company has served a wide range of (inter)national industries for the past 20 years. Mariet is the ‘spider in the web’. She handles most of the customer communications, translates, edits, and responds to questions and observations from the translation team.

Jan Pieter Verhoef is our financial man

Jan Pieter has had many years of working experience in the financial industry, serving various multinationals both in the Netherlands and abroad. Within Bacolet Translations he carries the responsibility for our financial, administrative, and IT affairs.

Matthijs Verhoef takes care of our marketing, PR and website.

Trained in commercial economy, Matthijs Verhoef is a valuable asset to Bacolet as he brings a forward looking perspective to the organisation. Naturally, as part of the Translation Family, he also communicates with our customers. Matthijs handles our marketing and communication, and he has been closely associated with the creation of this new website.